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Yanke Bionics - Glossary

BCP Certified Pedorthist

The Board for Certification in Pedorthics (BCP) is an independent certification body that sets pedorthic standards and is itself recognized by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies.


BCP Serves Two Primary Roles:

  1. Determining whether individuals and facilities meet national entry-level standards for the practice of pedorthics
  2. Serving as the public's guardian regarding standards of pedorthic practice

Pedorthics is the design, manufacture, modification and/or fit of footwear, including shoes, orthoses and foot devices, to prevent or alleviate foot problems caused by disease, congenital defect, overuse or injury.

The practice of pedorthics is generally understood to mean working with patients and their footwear to achieve conformity with a doctor's prescription for footwear as part of the patient's treatment.

Certification assures the public and health care professions that a pedorthist is qualified to fabricate and fit prescribed footwear and related devices.

Facility accreditation recognizes that the physical location where pedorthics are practiced includes the necessary staff, records and resources (such as inventory, equipment, fitting rooms and workshops) to perform pedorthic work on premises in a timely fashion.

Like certification of individuals, the accreditation of facilities assures the public and health care professions that the pedorthic institution adheres to specified national standards and that patients will be treated professionally.

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