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Shoe Selection

How to purchase appropriate shoes to use with your orthosis.

The following are some guidelines when looking for a shoe to be used with a brace (AFO) or a foot orthotic (FO):

  • If possible, have the foot measured as the shoes you currently own may already be too short or too narrow begin with.
  • Look for shoes that have a removable innersole (sock liner) that normally is removed on the side the brace is being worn on. The innersole may be glued down in the shoe, but can usually be removed by using a screwdriver to dig it out. This will make more room for the brace or the foot orthotic and keep the user from feeling uneven if wearing a device on one side.
  • The use of a brace may require a half size longer shoe dependent upon the thickness and design of brace that is worn. Rarely is it necessary to go any longer than a half size. (Unless you are already wearing a shoe that is too small!)
  • Remember, the wider the width of the shoe, more volume will be available for use with a brace or a foot orthotic. Most wearers will need to increase the width of shoe they are wearing by at least one width (EX: From M to W)
  • A more stable design of shoe should be worn with a brace, which increases the stability and success of the brace wearer. Walking, athletic, lace up or Velcroâ style oxfords usually work the best.
  • It may be beneficial to use a lighter weight shoe with a smoother outsole to minimize “catching" on thicker rugs or carpet.
  • Footwear is art integral part of the proper use of a brace or foot orthotics, and can directly impact the successful use of any device.
  • You should contact the orthotist if you are unsure of what type of shoes to look for.


The following brands of footwear have removable innersoles, multiple widths, and velcro or lace closure that can be comfortably worn with a brace or foot orthotics: Propet, SAS, New balance, Soft Spots, Nike, Reebok, K-Swiss, Hush Puppy, Rockport, Naturalizer, Clark, Timberland, Florsheim, Wolverine, Rocky, Dexter, Ecco, Dr. Scholls

The shoes may be purchased at a number of stores including Crown Shoes, Famous Footwear, Walmart, Dick's Sporting Goods, Kohls, and many athletic shoe stores.

If you want to be measured and fit with the shoes, the following stores offer this service:

Lucky's Shoes:

  • Strongsville 440-572-5111
  • Fairlawn 330-836-5577
  • Canton 330-494-7575

Long's Shoes

  • 3260 Kent Rd. Stow, Ohio
  • 330-688-7808

The Shoe Horn

  • 1115 E. Tallmadge Ave. Akron, Ohio
  • 330-630-2873


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