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Yanke Bionics - Device Wear and Care

Knee Orthosis

Proper wear and care of your knee orthosis will assure maximum effectiveness and life of the device.

Fitting: At your initial fitting, our clinicians will take considerable time making sure the orthosis fits properly. Be sure to tell your clinician that is fitting your orthosis if the device feels uncomfortable or causes pain. *An orthosis is of no help if it does not fit correctly or is uncomfortable.


Wearing your knee orthosis: Depending upon your particular diagnosis, an orthosis should be initially worn for short periods in order to “break-in” its use in your everyday activities. Over time, you should gradually increase its wearing time, until you achieve regular and consistent wearing of the orthosis. During this “break-in” period, you or a relative MUST observe your leg for signs of rubbing or pressure—such as red spots, blisters, etc.

The occurrence of skin redness that does not dissipate within 20 minutes or the presence of skin breakdown is a sign of excessive pressure. If you notice any unusual marks or skin irritation, STOP wearing the orthosis until you contact your physician for advice and call our office for an appointment so that the appropriate adjustment can be made.


Brace Application: There is a wide variety of designs and styles of knee orthoses. In general, most of them are designed to be worn directly against the skin. Each device has its own unique method of strapping and pad placement. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended application process when wearing a more elaborate device.


Wear and Care:

  • Wearing: Your condition may require that you wear your orthosis permanently or for a limited time. You physician should indicate to you the length of time necessary for you to wear the device, as well as, the specific use of the device for your diagnosis.
  • Caring: A well-constructed orthosis should last many years. Wear and tear will occur—much depending on your level of activity. Watch for signs that the orthosis is wearing and call us about the need for refurbishing or replacement.


Follow-up: You should be seen in our office at least once every six months after the orthosis has been fit properly. Report any skin redness or irritation to our Main Office immediately. Call if you have any other questions.


Refund/Return policy: Due to the inherent costs associated with custom fabrication, there can be no refund for a custom fabricated orthosis unless the item is proven to be inappropriate at the time of fitting or substandard (less than full quality), in which case the manufacturer’s warranty will be observed.

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