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Yanke Bionics - Device Wear and Care

Foot Orthosis

Considerable time was taken to fabricate your custom foot orthosis. Please follow these wear and care instructions to assure appropriate use of your orthosis.


At your initial fitting, our clinicians will take considerable time making sure the orthosis fits properly. Be sure to tell the clinician that is fitting your orthosis if the device feels uncomfortable or causes pain. An orthosis is of no help if it does not fit correctly or is uncomfortable.



Initially, an orthosis should be worn for short periods of time in order to “break?in" its use to your every day activities. Over time, you should gradually increase its wearing time, until you achieve regular and consistent use of the orthosis.

During this "break-in" period, you and/or a relative MUST observe your feet for signs of rubbing or pressure -- such as: red spots, blisters, etc.

If you notice any irritations as mentioned from above STOP wearing the orthosis until you:

  1. Call our office for an appointment so that the appropriate adjustment can be made.
  2. Contact your physician for any further advice.


  • It is advisable to always wear a sock to act as an interface between your skin and foot orthotic.
  • Remove the original innersole from shoe before attempti ng to put foot orthotic in your shoe.
  • Appropriate shoes are needed for maximum effectiveness of your foot orthotic.
  • Appropriate shoes include walking, crosstraining, W or in-depth shoes., Most dress or casual shoes usually do not have ample support nor do they have a removable innersole. Ask your clinician about the correct footwear for you.



Your condition may require that you wear your orthosis permanently or for a limited time. Your physician should indicate to you the length of time necessary for you to wear the device, as well as the specific use of the device for your diagnosis.



A well-constructed orthosis should last many years. Wear and tear will occur--much depending on your level of activity. Watch for signs that the orthosis is wearing and call us about the need for refurbishing or replacement.

Your orthosis should be cleaned weekly by wiping it off with a cloth and rubbing alcohol.



You should be seen in our office at least once a year after the orthosis has been fit. Your clinician may choose to follow?up sooner if needed. Any problems or questions before your next scheduled appointment please contact the office that fit you.


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