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Yanke Bionics - What to Expect

Your prosthetist's role

Read how Yanke Bionic's skilled professionals can meet your prosthetic needs.

Either prior to or just following your amputation, you will be introduced to a prosthetist who will provide you with your new prosthesis. A prosthetist is a healthcare professional skilled in the design, fabrication, and fitting of prostheses. You should see a prosthetist who has received special training and has successfully completed a rigorous examination to become certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics, Inc. (ABC, http://www.abcop.org). This certification allows him/her to use the credentials "CP" (certified prosthetist) or "CPO" (certified prosthetist and orthotist). If your prosthetist is a "CPO" he/she is also skilled in the design, fabrication and fitting of orthoses (braces). Your ABC-certified prosthetist actively participates in professional continuing education to maintain and further enhance his/her skills. The state of Ohio also requires prosthetists and orthotists to become licensed. All of Yanke Bionicís clinicians are licensed and adhere to the high standards of Ohio law. More information on Ohioís licensure laws is available at www.ohio.gov\bopp.

Your prosthetist may visit you prior to your surgery to answer questions that you have about wearing a prosthesis. By assessing how you walk prior to your surgery he/she can gather information that will be very useful in the early days following your surgery and prior to your prosthetic fitting. It is important for your prosthetist to know about your lifestyle and the activities that you enjoyed prior to your amputation so that he/she can design a prosthesis to best suit your individual needs.

Either prior to or immediately following your amputation your prosthetist may assess the strength and range of motion of both hips and knees as well as evaluate your sound side limb (non-amputated limb).

Your physician will determine when you are ready to be fitted for your prosthesis. Your prosthetist will help the physician decide which type of prosthesis will be best for you. The prosthetist will then design, fabricate, and fit a prosthesis custom made to meet your particular needs. He/she will work closely with the other members of your treatment team, your physician and physical therapist (PT), to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits from your prosthetic care. You will continue to see your prosthetist over your lifetime for adjustments, repairs and replacement of your prosthesis.

Your prosthetist will encourage you to be an active participant in the development of your prosthesis. Ask questions and use the many resources available to you on our web site. Together your prosthetist and the other members of your treatment team will strive to provide you with the most functional prosthesis and best care for your needs.

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