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Yanke Bionics - Device Wear and Care

Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis

A Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (TLSO) should be worn and cared for in the following manner.

Fitting: At your initial fitting, our clinicians will take considerable time making sure the

orthosis fits properly. Be sure to tell your clinician that is fitting your orthosis if the device feels uncomfortable or causes pain. *An orthosis is of no help if it does not fit correctly or is uncomfortable.

Brace Application:

  1. You must always wear a crew neck, short sleeve t-shirt under the device
  2. Must apply the device while lying down.
  3. With assistance, log roll to one side
  4. Apply the back section with emphasis on lining waist grooves of device with your own waist (just above pelvis and below the rib cage)
  5. While applying pressure to the posterior section, roll onto your back. At this time, re-check the alignment of waist grooves and the side to side alignment
  6. At this point, the front of the device should be place inside the back and begin fastening the straps.
  7. CAUTION: If pinching occurs during this process, gently tug on the t-shirt.]

Wear and Care:

  • Wearing: Your physician will determine when and for how long you are to wear your TLSO as different surgeries or injuries vary in healing time.
  • Cleaning: The TLSO should be cleaned daily by wiping the brace out with a clean cloth. Rubbing with alcohol is also advised. Report any skin redness or irritation to our Main Office immediately: (330) 762-6411.

Follow-up: You should be seen in our office at least once within 2 weeks of being discharged from the hospital.

Refund/Return policy: Due to the inherent costs associated with custom fabrication, there can be no refund for a custom fabricated orthosis unless the item is proven to be inappropriate at the time of fitting or substandard (less than full quality), in which case the manufacturerís warranty will be observed

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