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Yanke Bionics - Device Wear and Care

Selecting Shoes for Your Prosthesis

How to select appropriate shoe wear for your prosthesis.

The shoe is an important part of the prosthetic system due to its direct relationship with alignment. The prosthetic foot should fit snugly into the shoe, and the shoe should remain secure on the foot throughout the walking cycle. Shoes should always be chosen to fit your sound side foot comfortably. The artificial foot can be modified if the shoe doesn’t fit properly, but your sound side foot may be injured if a poorly fitted shoe is worn.

The heel height of the shoe is of particular importance, because changes in heel height will alter the alignment of the prosthesis and make walking more difficult. Therefore, it is very important for you to stay with the same heel height that the prosthesis was made for. If you need to change heel heights, let your prosthetist know, and he/she can discuss the pros and cons of a prosthesis designed for use with multiple heel heights.

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