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Yanke Bionics helps Iraqi Boy Walk Again

AKRON, Ohio – On January 28, 2005, Majid Fadhil Sabor will return to Yanke Bionics after wearing his new prostheses for a few days. Majid needs to visit Yanke Bionics on a weekly basis so his progress can be carefully monitored. During the next few weeks, Majid will become accustomed to wearing his prostheses and learning how to coordinate his movements. In addition, he will be rebuilding his strength and stamina.

Majid took his first steps on January 18 at Yanke Bionics, an Akron based Prosthetic and Orthotic company. He smiled gleefully as he walked several times up and down the parallel bars. Yanke Bionics prosthetists, Kevin Montini and Kevin Spicer were excited at how comfortable Majid was wearing the prostheses and how quickly he caught on to the techniques of walking with bilateral prosthetic legs. Only the fatigue of muscles not used for almost a year could get Majid back into his wheelchair.

Montini said, “Majid is so excided to be walking again. In fact, when I took the prostheses off to make adjustments, Majid gave me a worried look as though I was not going to give them back.”

Spicer added that he laughed when Majid, “took his left hand off the parallel bars and stood almost nonchalantly.”

Majid first met prosthetists, Montini and Spicer, at the Yanke Bionics office in the Crystal Clinic. This first meeting allowed them to evaluate the condition of Majid’s amputation.

Surgery Montini commented that, “Originally we thought Majid’s right leg had a flexion contracture, or the inability to completely straighten his knee. However, x-rays showed that Majid’s right femur was broken and had healed in a misaligned position. I have never seen this type of situation before and it definitely adds to the challenge of fitting and aligning his prostheses.” He further added that, “ the x-rays also showed several bone chards and bone spurs.”

Dr. Paul Fleissner, an orthopedic surgeon at the Crystal Clinic, determined that the bone spurs needed to be removed so Majid could wear his prostheses without pain for many years to come. Dr. Fleissner performed the surgery January 4, 2005 at Akron Children’s Hospital.

Within days of the successful surgery, Majid was back at Yanke Bionics, in downtown Akron, where Montini and Spicer took measurements and casts for the custom prostheses. These measurements were taken with sophisticated laser imagery and computer aided design and manufacturing equipment (CAD-CAM). The computer images of Majid’s limbs were used to custom fabricate diagnostic ‘test sockets’ for Majid to try at his next visit to Yanke Bionics. On January 14, Majid was fit with his test sockets.

“During the fitting process, we realized that proper alignment could not be achieved with the existing components, “ said Spicer. “Majid walks with his right knee bent and this requires special components to allow the foot to contact the ground in a normal manner.” After these minor adjustments, Majid returned to his temporary home in Kent with his prostheses.

Montini and Spicer are proud to be part of the team that is giving Majid the opportunity to walk again. When Montini was asked to help, he was shown a picture of Majid. Montini said, “ I saw a child in a wheelchair with the cutest smile in the world. Right then I became determined to do whatever I could to help this child get out of his wheelchair and walk again. There is no value on how good it makes me, and the employees of Yanke Bionics, feel to be part of this experience.”

Spicer added that, “After seeing his picture and learning of the circumstances, I knew we could give Majid a better quality of life.”

Kevin Montini graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Allied Health. He then attended Northwestern University to study Orthotics (body bracing). After working in Pittsburgh for several years, Montini returned to Northwestern University to study Prosthetics. After graduating in 2000, Montini returned to his hometown of Jackson, OH and began working for Yanke Bionics.

Kevin Spicer is a graduate from Wright State University in 1997 with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. After completing his two years of residency in Dayton, OH, Spicer received his prosthetic certification. In 2002, Spicer began working for Yanke Bionics.

About Yanke Bionics

Yanke Bionics Clinics, Inc. is a Prosthetic and Orthotic company headquartered in Akron, OH. It provides service from infants to adults who require supportive bracing and external prosthetic devices, including the technologically advanced C-Leg. Yanke Bionics has used CAD-CAM technology since 1985 and recently installed the worlds most advanced computer aided virtual casting Bio-Sculptor™ system. All Yanke Bionics Prosthetists and Orthotists are A.B.C. certified and Ohio licensed. Yanke Bionics has been in business for 25 years and has offices in Alliance, Akron, Canton, Fairlawn, Parma, Warrensville and Wooster.

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